For all inquiries, contact:
Glen Brosius, master craftsman

• Complete musket "redo": strip down stock to bare wood & refinish to stain color of your chosing, polish and clean all furniture,
address any minor lock repair = $225.

• Barrel re-finishing and polishing = $75. Pass inspection with flying colors!

• Pine Canteen: Hand made, 7" diameter, replicated from actual artifact found at Valley Forge, ready to stain or paint, water-tight sealed with pitch, banded in wood and including plug and linen carry strap = $45

• Pine cooler chests. Aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, durable and "period correct" storage for your....ahem....beverages = 32 quart/$125
48 quart/$150. Complete with hardware. Guranteed for life. Available stains: provincial, dark walnut, cherry, plain/clear seal. Paint: colonial red/ continential blue.

• Round Coolers. Keep your liquids cool and refreshing at camp in sanitary, Igloo-lined coolers. They only look old! Just because you dress 18th century, doesn't mean you need to re-eneact the poor sanitation of those days too! Coped in pine, banded in metal, complete with handle-topped lid. Your choice of wood or metal handles. 3 gal. = $200 or 5 gal. = $225.

• Camp Storage Chests & Equipment / Ammo. Boxes. Store whatever you need and look dignified doing so at any reenactment. 36"x18"x18" = $120.
Custom sizes available.

• Canvas-top hardwood camp stools. Durable, rugged, study, and...of course...period correct for any 18th or 19th century-style encampment. Only $25.

`• Wooden lanterns. Glass panes with handy slide-up door. = $55 Don't get left in the dark!

• Wool musket sleeves = $20. • Barrel lugs. Hand-made for standard designs. = $15.

Whatever your need .... Brosius can accomodate. Pricing below is for standardized repairs and stock items on hand.
Please call 856-228-5468 for custom work inquiries and specific repair needs.
There is nothing Brosius enjoys quite so much as "talking shop."
Ask about lock repairs of all kind. Mainsprings, frizzen
hardening, stock refurbishment, etc. Custom retrofitting of
Pedersoli parts for your Indian-made musket.
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